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Today the high precision, high sensitivity, and high accuracy diagnostic laboratory is rocketing forward with the space age. Only the routine diagnostic procedures remain status quo where ultra high sensitivity is necessary. Some years ago we measured in parts per thousand, then we moved to parts per million, when we reached accurate measurements at parts per billion we thought we had arrived. But now we are rapidly moving into measuring parts per trillion with precision.
The more sensitive the procedure the earlier we can learn intelligently about developing disease and that while it is still reversible by a willing patient accepting the responsibility of change to regain his/her health.

Ultimately, all true healing is the body repairing itself. Hopefully, intervention, regardless of its nature, supports life in such a way as to allow for conditions suitable so that the organism can successfully heal and regenerate itself.

The hospital emergency room goal is to discover and intervene where there is an immediately advancing threat to life. However, the vast majority of human illness does not require such drastic intervention. Rather what is required for most people is an intelligent insight into the progressive and chronic nature of advancing degenerative diseases sapping one's health and well being.

Most all chronic disease starts and continues throughout life with the presence of unremitting, unhealed, chronic, low-grade smoldering inflammation. This continuing progression through degenerative diseases is called, by Pathologists, the malignancy cascade. The obvious goal must be to remove chronic inflammation by healing (not drugs). This means that every minute remnant of chronic, low grade, asymtomatic, inflammation should be recovered from by healing, which is generally possible among those who pursue an uncompromised vitalizing life style. The progressive restaging of regeneration requires this for eventual genuine recovery. Unfortunately in chronic, low grade inflammation the symptoms may subside long before healing is complete. This then is called the subclinical state. Pain and suffering may subside but inflammatory disease, at low levels, still persist. It is this evidence of ongoing and continuing causes of toxicosis visible to the ultra high sensitivity laboratory and seen as low level inflammation which progressively leads to degenerative changes ending in malignant transformation.

Just for one example, in the male, throughout his lifetime, this problem may start as chronic irritation of his prostate progressing to chronic inflammation, which gradually causes prostatic cellular changes through various stages of degeneration known as hypertrophy, hyperplasia, etc., ending in malignant transformation of prostate cells. So characteristic is this scenario in the average American male that it is now believed that if he doesn't die sooner of a heart attack, a stroke, or some other disease, he will end up with prostate cancer. Females of course, have a similar and parallel situation of sorts. All these stages of degenerative disease will manifest in the high sensitivity laboratory as various inflammatory and/or disease markers until cancer cells begin to multiply. It is then we begin to find activity in anticancer antibodies among vital people. This general principle can hold true in most any chronically inflamed tissue.

We have known for at least half a century that most all degenerative disease starts and progresses as a continuing course of chronic smoldering, low-grade inflammatory disease causing perhaps only modest discomforts but eventuating in gross pathology. One of the many common symptoms may be premature aging. Obviously, the intelligent patient wants to measure (quantify) this ongoing cause of the degenerative disease process to define his susceptibility. This way the informed patient knows when he/she has genuinely recovered and otherwise not just feeling improved by relief of symptoms with remedies. Unfortunately many people are busy relieving their symptoms all their lives and may never discover emerging serious health problems until terminal malignancy is discovered. To avoid this consequence, the requirement then is earlier genuine biological healing.

Only recently pathologists have well documented that chronic inflammation commonly found in sites within the coronary arteries is the real cause for sudden, acute, and often fatal heart attacks (MI's). This may even be with no previous symptomatic warning. This truth stands out in stark contrast to the prevailing belief that MIs are caused by slowly developing obliterative coronary disease produced by cholesterol. Instead, the inflammatory mechanism within the coronary artery walls can suddenly ulcerate into the lumen or inside of the artery causing rapid and complete arterial obstruction by a large blood clot. Since up to approximately fifty percent of the MI's may be of this nature their significance becomes obvious.

Also relating to the heart are extremely ultra high sensitivity blood markers in our use capable of measuring the minutest amount of cellular death specifically within the heart muscle itself. Even when this develops in micro amounts and due to blockage of tiny coronary arteries with the death of smaller numbers of heart muscle cells. These micro heart attacks or silent heart attacks as they are referred to, when repeatedly recurring over time can lead to degenerative heart disease advancing slowly but surely into cardiomyopathy and then eventually into congestive heart failure and finally terminal stages. This test is also valuable in sensitivity for discovering heart muscle damage from some other causes. All this should normally be reversible by healing and regeneration, when ideal healing conditions are provided continually over time, except perhaps in the advanced and terminal stages.

Still another measurable change can be in the tendency to obliterative obstruction within the blood vessels. Arteries progressively degenerate, starting extremely early in life. This fact being well documented, even during early childhood for the average American using conventional foods and drugs. The most commonly problematic arteries are those of the brain (cerebral) and heart (coronaries). Again, a measurable development ascertainable to sophisticated laboratory analysis and, generally, reversible in a compliant patient.

The other major killer is of course cancer. It has long been known that we all develop cancer cells at times. It is also well known within all medical pathological circles that every genuinely healthy organism has a number of recognized and probably a number of unrecognized mechanisms to destroy cancer cells as rapidly as these develop. The important issue is that the immune damaged individual will allow these cancer cells to progress and multiply into a tumor, because of a defective natural immunity.

Collectively, these protective mechanisms are referred to as our natural immunity to cancer cells. The known types of natural immune cancer-cell killers are cellular, biochemical, and antibodies. These know precisely which cells are cancerous and therefore, systematically search out and destroy only the enemy cells. But this search and destroy mission will only become effective when our natural immunity is robust. Notice I didn't say, when our artificial immunity is robust.
Today we can measure this natural immunity both when it is at its intense warfare status attempting to destroy the enemy cancer cells, and also when we find it is happily resting the troops at home and in control.

Our scientific research clearly documents that better health through both fasting and mostly raw foods, properly chosen, supports this natural immunity by measurably enhancing and empowering the organism to go to battle intensely until the war has been won by remission. Again I must emphasize, not in the late or terminal stages. Here again the notion of "cure" belongs to the peddlers of remedy thinking. Unfortunately modern medicine financed primarily by its insurance systems is devoted to detecting cancer after it becomes a tumor—the late stages of cancer. At this stage the natural immunity is already overtly defective and probably has been for a very long time. The tumor is now believed by members of the College of American Pathologists to be evidence of a disease already systemic with at least numerous micro and perhaps even macro metastases scattered throughout the entire organism but still too small to be easily detectable. Obviously, because in these locations, the natural immunity is still able to protect and sustain remission by preventing cancer cells from multiplying into tumors. Many surgeons today admit, "We don't remove the tumors to cure cancer but rather to help remove the excessive burden from an overly burdened immunity". Confusion still reigns because we have been taught for so long the error of cure rather than remission and control and that, preferably by good health. Justifiably surgery with tumor destruction can be necessary in advanced stages with exhausted natural immunity.

But why not institute early detection systems much sooner, before advanced disease develops!
Intelligently, and then by choice, one could institute much safer methods supporting life and its natural immunity capable of mobilizing a defense vastly superior numerically to that of all the nations of this world with all their combined military forces together.
That's the kind of immunity God gave each of us in our design. The requirement is that we preserve and enhance this natural immunity with a lifestyle consistent with life's vital needs.

Dr. D. J. Scott


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